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Prong Collar Problem

When I took Varik back to training, a trainer recommended a prong collar for him (he was pretty excited to see all the dogs/people and was doing some lunging/tugging while we were standing). I have no problem with a prong, HOWEVER, the stupid thing (or stupid me, I'm okay with either) pops off quite often. As in 2-3 times during the hour long class. Reconnecting it, you can see that it's going to immediately slide back out. I don't know what the problem is and have no experience with prongs as he's the first dog I've had to use one with! It was put on prob mid-neck by the trainer, and later the next week, I removed a link and moved it up higher, hoping the sprung link was the problem. However, it's doing it again and he seems very bothered by it being even up that high (2-3 inches below his ears). He tilts his head to the side, wants to scratch at it and seems unhappy with it (except when he's busy ignoring me to watch the other dogs).

Anyone have any insights? This is a collar that was purchased at the training club so I'm not sure of the brand.

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