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First heat cycle & constant (pee & poo) accidents!

Hi! I am new to the forum, so I would like to start out with saying, "hi!"

Our little girl is almost 10 months old and recently (2 weeks ago) started her first heat cycle. I've had a female dog (Great Dane) in the past, but I had gotten her spayed before she ever went into heat, so never having dealt with this before, let me just say... "ew!" I thought we could get through this, no problem, people deal with this all the time, etc. Well I wasn't quite expecting all that we've been dealing with... I heard they clean themselves (and their "drips") pretty well, so I really shouldn't even notice it -- wrooong! She seems to be more grosed out at the blood than I am and doesn't bother going near it, let alone licking it up. I haven't gotten the diapers for her for the simple fact that I am pretty confident that she would eat them off... Is that common? She's pretty high strung (as are most at this age, I'm sure!), and very strong willed, and I can't imagine putting one on her going well at all. However, I will try it if it really does make a world of difference! Issue number two... the sudden peeing and pooping in the house... We never had an issue with her having accidents in the house when she was younger, potty trained by 9 weeks, stays in the kitchen (with baby gates) while we're gone, never a problem. All of a sudden, EVERY time I come home from my 8-5 day at work as usual, there are multiple piles of pee and 1-3 piles of poop on the floor! (Talk about walking into the nastiest looking floor ever! Pee, poo and blood, oh my!). So I feel very overwhelmed. (Did I mention that I have an 18 month old and a bun in the oven?!) So I'm stressed, naturally! Is the pooing normal too? I can completely understand the pee issue after doing some research and seeing that I'm not alone, but I can't seem to wrap my head around the poo issue (or find anyone else having this problem). Any advise/insight would be so greatly appreciated! I've considered putting her in her crate (which she doesn't completely hate) while we're at work during her cycle, but all I can imagine is coming home to the same mess as usual, but this time, in her crate - all over her! I think that would be much, much worse, especially for poor little Rowan!
And please hang in there with me, as I'm sure I'll have some more silly questions as she gets older!
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