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Positive Reinforcement training questions

I have been doing some research on Positive Reinforcement training methods and I am curious on a few scenarios how this method works for certain things. I trained my dog certain commands (sit, down, stay, etc.) using +R only. But how does +R work to teach unwanted behaviors?

How would you train your dog to stop chewing on something using Positive Reinforcement only?
How would you use +R to stop your dog from play biting too hard with another dog?
What about high distraction situations, when the distraction (another dog, person, etc.) is more motivating to your dog than your treat? How do you handle those situations?

I am only asking because I am trying to learn and expand my training knowledge. I have successfully trained my dog in all of these situations, however, I have not used +R only. I am curious how +R would be used to train these situations.

Thanks in advance.
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