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What would my dog do?

This all happened under the observation of Law enforcement (we live by a substation and officers were in the parking lot ) it was winter time and the ground was snow covered and icy.

I got called out on what “My” dog would do (on another thread) if I was walking him and a little dog came running at us and I persecuted the little miscreant with “extreme prejudiced”!

I “know” what my dog would do because he did it! He would stand behind me on a lose leash and he would “stay” because I trained him to or until he knows that I need help!`

That is what he did when we came under attack by two dogs on a walk...

My wife and I were walking our dogs together she was to the rear about 20 yards walking Struddell (our White Boxer) and I was in the lead with Rocky BLK GSD. I looked ahead and our neighbors untrained, ill mannered, always caged herder dogs came screaming at us from down the block and closing fast!

I immediately put Rock behind me and stood in front of him with a lose leash and screamed for my wife to stop! It was these dogs good fortune that they chose me as there target (we were closer) and not my wife and my baby girl because if they would have targeted my baby girl I would have let Roc lose on them!

I shouted and screamed at the dogs and the trailing dog stopped but the one in front kept charging, I fully expected to take a head when the lead dog kept coming (Rocky was still behind me but watching hard now ) the dog was inside of fifteen feet ,when I slipped on the ice and went over backwards (still holding the leash) I was scrambling to my feet fully expecting to be attacked, when I heard a loud growl and saw Rock surge forward showing nothing but teeth!

Somewhere just outside of Roc's reach that last dog must have rethought his life's choices and his A Hole must have come through his mouth as he hit the brakes! He just flat disappeared!

The officers asked if I was OK and I said yeah no problem, the neighbor asked if I was alright and I said yep no problem.

So to answer the question of what will “My” dog do? He will do what he's told unless he knows, I'm in trouble! And to the rear Struddell stood in her stay also.

So yeah people chose different strategies depending on the options available at the time. I didn't really see turning around as a viable option against two charging dogs?

My moto is to stand my ground and I'll engage if I have to. If some little dog come charging at me, it'll be his hard luck if he choses engagement, I don't discriminate!

Little dog comes close enough to me to kick the crap out of him..I'll kick the crap out of him and “My”
dog will stand behind me because I trained him to!

Nuff Said
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