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Default Two more videos, can I get more opinions?

So now what i think is play is NEVER ENDING! Lol. I'd rather they play nonstop as opposed to fighting.

What I'm curious about is this "sword fighting" that they do. Mouths open, teeth fully exposed, sounding like chewbacca! I have it caught in two videos. Their lips are pulled back which worries me.

Watching body language they both seem relaxed, but I could be wrong.

They also play Tug with the ropes. No one in particular wins, sometimes Sabo will tease Kia and entice a chase, sometimes she doesn't.

In the first picture Kia was acting up, she doesn't want anyone to be covered by blankets, weird dog. The second picture was taken right after the weird "sword fighting" thing. The last was their Tug of war

Metro 10/2005-5/2013
Sabo 3/2013-now
Kia 1/2014- now
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