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Originally Posted by llombardo View Post
I guess it depends on the size and threat of dog coming at you . I personally have never had to kick , spray or even yell at any dogs. The circle thing is common for smaller dogs. The goal in my mind is for neither dog to get hurt. I have spun getting dizzy and even picked up the small dog without issue. I have been attacked by all sizes and even pit bills without any injuries, you just have go think fast. I was pretty sore when I was attacked by two pit bulls, I had to stretch my body pretty far to keep my dogs leash to one side and use the rest of my body to block the pits.
Two pitts! Aww man I only had to face one but he was a monster!
Came screaming at my 14 week old puppy and yep moved pup behind me and the owner grabbed the pitt, I think he came out of the house?
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