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Default Been there, done that.

Yes, and smaller dogs seems to be attacking more than the larger ones.
As i have already told on another thread, i usually try to avoid placce/things/territory/pile of garbage and craps that they think it's theirs and they think they need to protect it.
I always carry a wooden stick, around 1.5 inch in diameter and 4 feet long, and when those ankle biters attack, i pull my dog to my side, give him enough leash to walk, scream to another dog and wave my stick, and slowly walk away.(My dog has not perfected heel, but if yours is this will be the time to use it. But i simply say let's go to my dog) I would not hesitate to hit the another dog to protect mine form potential physical and physiological damage but waving the stick and screaming to another dog seems to break their attack. And since the dog is small, i just concentrate on my dog, keep him calm and keep him under control.
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