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Need some Help guys


I posted before asking if my puppy is GSD or not, as I heard different things from many people. From Keeshound, to lab/shepherd mix, to breeds i cant even pronounce.

I got the puppy from a guy who could not take care of it. He told me the puppy is 8 weeks old and a German Shepherd. He never gave me any other information and I cant get a hold of him since.

Anyways, the Vets are not much help either. So I am coming to GSD community looking for answers and help.


Name: Blitz
Sex: Male
Weight: 7.4 Pounds
Date I got him: January 7th (should be 10 weeks old now)
Color: black and grey/white


The puppy is eating well. He is on "Blue Buffalo". His stools range from solid to soft to diarrhea.
I am going to post some pictures and I request that you guys help me out by determining the age of Blitz and breed.

Blitz laying down. An (iphone4) for size comparison

Teeth; perhaps you guys can determine his age with this

Another size comparison with a 2.5 year old PitBull

Hopefully you guys can help me. His weight is around 8 pounds (according to the Vet) and I believe he should be around 20 pounds. He is very active, and sleeps alot which I understand he is a puppy. However I am really worried about his weight and am not sure if he is a GSD or not. or if a GSD/Chihuahua

Thanks guys
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