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What to do if another dog attacks your while on leash

OK read that thread. But in a nut shell...your job is to protect your dog! You put her behind you and shout at the little dog to stop stay down anything if he has any training at all he'll pause, if he sees instead of your dog, He is looking at your dog not you.

And if that doesn't work, you kick the living crap out of him! He's not your concern, your dog is under control , this one isn't!

Additionally if it keeps happening, your dog might start to become dog reactive, then you have a real problem on your hands! Your job is to protect your dog, your showing him you can't do that and he needs to protect himself!

The thread I posted will give you options other than kicking the living crap out this stupid freaking dog!

Hmm...yeah I'm not really a little dog fan but this is ridiculous!

Well I suppose you could talk to the owners...but if the dog is running wild in the street...good luck with that!

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