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Boom Lakes and Wild Winds

I over spent my 1000 bucks a while back now down to 55 bucks. When I can make my money over 1000-3000 bucks or over, which won't be for awhile, then might consider getting a pup. Would love to raise my own German shepherd alongside my Labradoodle! They would have so much fun and would still walk dogs and keep in touch with all the dogs I know. Train him all by myself. Will be mostly paying attention to both. My German shepherd will be a companion and I will see what the future holds in for us. Do you think these breeders are real responsible reputable ones? They looked better than that last one who brags about personality. They seem to do everything pedigrees, health, temperament, and in the end match making. Returns pups back, but in return no refunds. Although in CA would shipping be alright or is that too risky? Don't mind a color preference he can be sable, black and tan, black, whatever. I'm sure whoever I get will change my life. Male first than later female than later another male. What a nice German shepherd plan!!

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