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Sudden aggression

I have posted about my 16 month old boy's sudden behaviour change before, but I've only asked about solutions. I'm wondering if anyone has an idea of why it happened?

I got him when he was 2 months old, and the amount of socialization he got was intense. We went to the dog park for 4 hours a day (I have missed so many classes because of it ) We also had a doggie group for our condo every night where they played, and the owners chatted for an hour before ending the night. I have basically been to every single dog park there is in Toronto. We also have been to 3 training classes. I cannot stress how much socialization I put him through.

At around 8 months, he started to show signs of territorial behaviour. I.e, growling when his ball was touched at the dog park. He never did this before, he was always a super friendly sweet dog. I remember this one rottie followed him around the park, trying to hump him, and he would just keep trying to get away. He didn't even bark back or tell him off. He would just continue to try to play with other dogs, and try to ignore the rottie. When he started showing signs of aggression with his ball or sticks, I corrected him. Told him NO! Made him sit, lay down, put him in time out, etc.

It still escalated, and now we can't walk past a dog without him barking and lunging. He even barks at dogs from our balcony. The last time I went to an off-leash area, he started so many fights. I have stopped going ever since.

I've had different trainers teach me different techniques. None have worked. He is still lunging and barking at any dog that he sees.

I'm just really upset that I can't bring him to dog parks anymore.. I also just want to know what made this happen. I feel like I did everything I could, if not more, to socialize him and train him. I get even more upset when people tell me he wasn't socialized enough Can it be genetics? His neutering? Do any of you have any idea?

Thanks !!

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