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Default Furminator, is it really worth it?

I have always used a shedding comb like you would use on a horse for grooming Ammo. Out of everything I have tried it has seemed to work the best. It gets a ton of hair out and leaves his coat looking great. It doesn't get all the lose hair though. I have yet to find anything that can get all the hair. Well today during training class, at petsmart, the trainer guy pushed for me to get a furminator. He swore it would get all the lose hair and talked about how great it was for his lab, or retriever, or what ever the breed of dog was (it wasn't a dog with a double coat). I have a hard time believing that it is the end all be all of dog brushes, especially with a price tag of over $50. So I thought I would come here and ask if it is really worth the money? Is it really good enough to justify that much money on a brush? I mean if it really is the greatest thing ever I will get it but if the comb that I use is just as good then why spend so much? Please let me know what you think. I personally think the petsmart guy was just trying to make a sale.
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