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Default Fur thinning - Guard hairs gone - Help!

Dolly has been suffering with chronic itching for the past year. We've been to the vet many times and every time they try something new.

We have had her scraped and tested for mange and scabies. All negitive.

We have been told it is an alergy and prednisone was perscribed. She immediately stopped itching until we stopped giving it to her (in smaller doses). The itching returned almost instantly once we stopped giving it to her.

I have no desire to keep her and last time I was at the vet I demanded they do a allergy test, but the vet was 90% sure it was a food allergy.

We've been giving Blue Buffalo for almost 2 years. We decided to go on a diet and give a single sourced protiene diet. We chose Salmon (Wellness Super5?) and pure Salmon only treats (also Wellness). Always been grain free.

Well, 4 weeks later no results and have started noticing her fur thinning out and her guard hairs disapearing. See picture below. The pure white only area used to be a normal sable ring which is now spreading. The fur is very very short (1/4 inch and very hard) and thinning by the week. The guard hair used to cover the area. We aren't sure where to turn now. The vet says to try a new diet as her allergy may be fish and maybe switch to TOTW Lamb?

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