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I guess my first question is, what draws you to these two breeds? What do you plan to do with the dog? Understanding what exactly you're looking for, and what you like about your concept of the breeds, may help us suggest which would be the better fit.

Another question I have is whether you're thinking of adopting a dog or buying a puppy from a breeder. Those are two different things. Both have pros and cons, and again, which is better for your individual situation depends on what it is you're looking for in your ideal dog and how you want to live with/what you want to do with that dog.

In any case, two walks a day plus tricks and obedience might or might not be enough, depending on the specific dog/bloodline, what you consider a "walk," and how you define "tricks and obedience."

Personally my advice is always to wait until you're out of school. Caring for a dog may mean missing out on opportunities that can have a big impact on your life down the road.

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