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Seeking advice for adopting a puppy

I wasn't too sure if this would be the right place for this post, but here it goes:

Hey everyone, I am new here, and I hope to soon to be a first time dog owner, I have been doing plenty of research online for a few different breeds and have narrowed my search to two possible breeds, 1) border collie or 2) german shepherd.

I've come here hoping to get some people who have had personal experience with both breeds that could help guide me to buying a dog, which I will be able to give the best quality of life too.

I've read that both breeds are active and require a fair amount of exercise and stimulation/interaction, border collies more than german shepherds, I dont think this would be an issue, I have much experience handling and working with racing thoroughbreds, so I dont think working with a dog and teaching them would be so difficult.

I am currently a university student, so this means two things, a) there will be times where I will be unable to dedicate my full attention to my dog for a few days (exams, assignments etc.) this wont mean I wont take him/her for walks, it just means I can not do as much as I would like. Also this means b) Money is an issue, I dont want to buy crap food for my dog, as mentioned above, i worked with racing thoroughbreds and I understand quality is everything, giving an animal quality attention, diet, environment will result in a happier animal.

Also grooming requirements, I understand that all dogs shed (I have a family cat that sheds year round, she hates being groomed, let alone bathed). With this is mind, out of a border collie and german shepherds what would the requirements be? and what would be an easier coat to look after?

Please, anyone who could help with my situation based on the information I have given, it would be much appreciated. I forgot to mention I do have a large backyard, and I do not live in a rural area.

Also some additional info:

The backyard is fenced. A fair amount of exercise would be 2 walks a day, as well as teaching tricks/obedience, this may change on weekends if I have time to go to a dog park/beach then I will definately go there.
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