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Originally Posted by misslesleedavis1 View Post
He is cute, i have never rubbed my dogs nose in accidents. They all have em, i find buying a bell and hanging it on the door and ringing it when you are on you way out for a pee with your pup helps. Also chanting pee peeees outside , whn my guy was very little i took him out every 20 minutes and 10 after he drank. When he went to the bathroom outside he got a big vocal "good boy you pee pees outside", when i caught him mid squat i promptly picked him up gave him a stern no and ran him out to the yard. What worked for me may not work for everybody though congrats on your pup!
Yep, I did this, too -- but not the bell. Swoop her up when she starts squatting and head for the door. When she goes potty outside have a "puppy party"! Better yet, keep your eye on her and when she sniffing aroung looking for a "good" place, take her outside. Repeat puppy party.
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