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Talking New GSD owner! Hello :D

Hello all,

I became a mama to my first ever German Shepherd last week, my husband and I named him Chief. He is quite the little handful. This is also my first puppy I have owned, so I am very overwhelmed. Although I do have another dog but she was already a year old when I got her. I think I am doing okay with house training.. I've only had him for a week and he no longer poops in the house. He has pee accidents but that's expected for a puppy. The first 2 nights I tried to kennel him and got no sleep at all. The rest of the nights, I have let him sleep on the floor next to my bed and he wakes me up when he has to go to the bathroom. I made the mistake of getting an XXL kennel and it is way too big for my bedroom. His kennel is in our family room, the door is left open and he has gone in it a couple times by himself with the door open through out the day just to play with toys... is there any kennel games I can play with him or something I can do to get him more used to the kennel to make it appealing for him to want to go in there? I have been reading all types of ways to crate train.. if it were up to me I would just let him sleep next to me forever. Also, with the potty training when he pees in the house, do you just rub their nose in it and say no? I don't believe in spanking...

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