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I used to own and sled Siberian Huskies. What you have is exactly what they are and should be.

Independent, stubborn, live to run so they will escape the average yard by jumping, climbing or digging. They LOVE to dig holes in the summer so expect your yard to resemble the moon. I would suggest purchasing a dog run as you can make it escape proof...unlike your yard.

Beautiful breed and I still love them but they are much more than a pretty face. You really should have done your homework before getting this dog. This breed was bred to pull a sled and hunt so they are a working breed dog that live to run. Very high energy and be prepared for lots of shedding come spring.

Teaching recall....very difficult and always unreliable at best. I did put cd titles on two of mine but always had several friends hanging out around the ring during off lead and recall. They were 50/50 at best and took 10+ trials before I managed 3 legs.

The shelters are full of huskies because people did not take into account how difficult they can be to contain.

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