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Is this your first husky ? They're a breed that definitely needs to be researched before getting one. My first dog was a husky, and I've since converted to shepherds because of the trainability level. Huskies are natural runners, and unfortunately are also natural escape artists. Once a husky realizes that they can disobey you, you're going to have a **** of a time getting them to listen. They're not bad dogs, they're just VERY intelligent and very independent. We put over a $1000 into our fence to ensure ours didn't get out, yet he still found ways. Don't bother getting an electric fence, they're so fast that they don't feel it. I would look into the two week shutdown like mentioned from the other person. And keep her tethered to you. You want to make sure to train that when you say "come", she HAS to "come". Recall should be your biggest focus with a husky, because they LOVE to run, run, run! After all, that is what they are bred for. Unfortunately, huskies are one of those breeds that just LOVE to do things their way, and you MUST be a very strong owner to make your dog into an enjoyable companion. My advice is to get a trainer and train train train. She is still young so you have plenty of time.

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