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Originally Posted by cjla View Post
Okay this isn't about GSD's but there isn't a place for Siberian huskies. My boyfriend recently got one from a good friend of ours and she is a little over 3 months. I was wondering if someone knows the breed and can help me. She's not potty trained yet but we've been working with her and she's doing better but not quite there yet. She's not really interested in coming to us when we call her. The only time she will listen is when we have a treat in our hands. She's more interested in going outside and playing with our other dogs. She's even more interested in our neighbors dog and getting out of our fence to go play with her. Can anybody help me

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Sounds like typical Husky behavior. They are opposite from GSDs. They are very independent and stubborn, would rather run away than recall, they are escape artists. So always keep her leashed when outside. As far a potty training, if you can take her out every two hours and 15 minutes after a meal. When she goes to the bathroom, praise her and give her a treat.
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