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Originally Posted by ozzymama View Post
There was a method at one time, that was popular on here with rescuers and owners with young pups, it actually was to modify pulling, but might work in this situation.
You get all the attention on you, how you do this is you constantly change, direction, side of the street, maybe you walk 5 feet and turn around and walk the other way 10 feet, turn around again. Yes, you will look odd. Especially in an urban area, but it takes the dog off balance so to speak, you become unpredictable with where the walk is going. Especially herding dogs, take the cue off the handler, so abrupt changes, the theory is, the dog will watch you much more intensely. The dog does not have time to think about anything other than what you are going to do next.
I will definitely try this! I don't care about looking odd - you should see some of the people around here, lol. It's kind of funny, we take different ways to get places that we go to all the time - one of the benefits of living in an urban centre, if one light is red you can just turn and take a different street. No matter which way we take, he always knows the way home AND takes the most direct route - which we rarely take.

One example is a store we go to that's about a 15 minute walk away. He loves the girls that work there and they love him (but he still won't take treats from them). Anyways, normally we go down our street, left turn at the next street and continue for about 5 minutes, then right turn at the main street and continue for 10 minutes until you get to the store. Anytime we say "Bruce, go home" he takes us straight down a different street, through a park, along a length of train tracks and then down our street. We have NEVER taken him that way. It's interesting because if you look at it on a map, it's literally the most direct route. Sorry for getting off track, he's an incredibly smart boy but oh so stubborn and nervous.
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