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Turning Around On Walks

When we first brought Bru home he was incredibly nervous, shy and fearful. He barely trusted us and definitely did not trust anyone else, he would hide in our bedroom when we had people over and we had a very hard time housebreaking him (he will still go poop in our spare room if certain people come over if we don't lock him in our bedroom). We were going to a trainer but have had to stop because of weather and my work schedule - once the driving conditions are a bit more predictable we'll start going again. Bruce has improved considerably though, he will let most people pet him and will actually come seek affection from other people that he sees often. He does not seem to like larger males (people) - he will allow them to pet him and seems to be ok with it as long as we are there. He shies away from my father who is just over 6ft (a bit heavier set) and one of our friends that comes over often who is also around 6ft (very muscular).

Back to the point - the only issue that we're having with him now on walks is when someone is walking behind us. It doesn't matter who it is, whether we know them or not, if they're tall or short, etc. He is either constantly turning his head to look at them or trying to turn around to get away from them. Right now, we just move off to the side and let them pass. We tried using a prong collar, it didn't help - he wanted to get away from the people and ignored the corrections completely. Our prong collar is fitted properly. We have been using a gentle leader for the past couple of days with a bit better results, but he tends to flip his entire body around now when he can't just turn to look at them. If it was just turning once to see who was behind him I could live with that, but it's every 10-30 seconds for the entire time that the person is behind us.

As I said, right now we're just moving off to the side so that whomever is behind us can just pass but that's not really going to be possible as the weather gets better and more people are out. We try to walk him during non peak times, but we live downtown so even if we walked him very late at night (which we do), there are still people around.

Once the people are in front of us, 90% of the time he sticks his nose out to sniff them and then he's fine. When we step off to the side I tell him to sit, which he does. He stays like that until the people have passed us and then I release him and we continue on our way. If there is no one around us, he's perfect - heeling, ears up, alert, happy.
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