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Regression behavior (crate training)

Gretel is about 7 months old and is generally displays good behavior. She was fully house trained in a month since we adopted her. She has gotten better about chewing and biting on things she isn't supposed too, picked up really fast on asking to go outside for a walk or bathroom break. We are still working with her about not chasing one of the cats as well as not being incredibly shy around new people. She picked up on getting into the crate for "sleepy time" and would go in for the night with very little protest. And she was always givien a treat at first for going into her crate and then slowly just verbally praised. Once she is in th crate, she is golden. Zero problems.

About three weeks ago, she has taken a huge step backwards in her behavior. She will not go into her crate. I have tried so many methods and usually my husband and I have to try and catch her to put in which I know is a very bad idea but I am at a loss. My husband works 14 hour days so it is usually myself that puts her to bed. Last night he had a 24 hour duty shift so it was just me and Grtel and it took over 2 hours for me to get her I goth e crate. I've tried using treats, special treats, toys, an old shirt of mine. I've washed her bedding, tried moving crate and nothing. Again once she is inside, she is perfect. She loves chewing wires or the blinds which is why she needs to be crated at night or when no on is home.

Any ideas? Or will she outgrow this phase?
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