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aggressive towards strangers on walks?

My GSD is a male and 1 year old. We got him when he was 10 weeks old, and have socialized him and currently take him to obedience classes every week with a trainer who works with GSDs.

Zeus was perfectly fine with people on walks. If someone came up and started talking to me, he'd wag his tail, sniff them then let them pet him. No barking or anything. And when people come over, he just does the same thing. He was extremely friendly.

A couple weeks ago, he started to act aggressive towards strangers when we went on walks. He'd stop walking and stare if someone was across the street, but I'd correct him (he has a pinch collar) and just continue walking. But if someone's walking near us, he'll try to go towards them and lunge at them. And if someone tries talking to me ("hello", "good day"), he'll actually go a little crazy and start barking , lunging, growling, and baring his teeth at them. This happens EVERY time we go on walks and someone greets me. One person even tried petting him, an attempt to calm him down I guess, and Zeus snapped at him and almost bit the guy (I warned them that Zeus wasn't a friendly dog).

When this happens, I do try to correct him but its like I don't even exist. He'll just continue barking and growling and trying to get at them.

He doesn't do this when people come over. He's extremely friendly and even brings them his toy most of the time. Its only on walks that he does this.

I really don't understand why he's acting like this. He was never like this before, there has been no incident or anything like that. Up until a couple weeks ago, he was a really friendly dog.

Also, sometimes when I'm out in the yard or something and he still has his leash on, and if I let go or drop the leash, he'll quickly pick it up and just run really fast away from me, while holding his leash, and won't listen to me or come back. When I get the leash, I correct him, like the trainer advised me to do. But he still does it every time. Any idea why?
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