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Anbody Know if there is a K9 Boxer in the US...anywhere?

Title says it all. I'm a Boxer guy from way back and the Boxer is in the working dog group.

I loved my Boxer and am on the hunt for another one, cause my second baby is gone.

But today's Boxer's just don't strike me as K9 dog material, they don't much care to be spoken to harshly for one thing. And not European I mean in the US?

I've heard it said by a trainer of K9's that he could train 3 GSD's in the time it takes to train one Boxer! I would not argue with that assessment at all!

But I don't believe today's Boxers are the same dogs as the dogs that came over after WWII I believe it was, when they got big over here?

Yes there is the occasional IPO Boxr but I want to know if anyone knows of an active K9 Boxer in the US today

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