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New Puppy!

I've had him for almost a week now and have just been slightly busy/lazy to share lol. He should be about 6 months old now and outside of not letting me sleep there a few nights last week because I couldn't really get him exercised (thank you insane work hours and short days), he's been doing pretty good. He is a bold little guy and I am already pretty much in love with him.

Here is Doyle!

Just off of the plane!

Surveying his surroundings

Chilling at one of the clinics I work at

First hike with all our dogs

He rather liked having paws on my feet

Dat face.

Hanging at my parent's house

He enjoys laying like this...

First group hike! (We do weekly dog friendly hikes with people)

It was really cold that morning too

This was his idea...

Sleeeeeeeeeeeeeeepy puppy.

Which was nice since for about three nights, sleep wasn't something we had much of lol! He's a rather calm little dude. Doesn't like to be away from me or my older two dogs. He's pretty friendly with other dogs, calm/curious about strangers. And he gets to start playing with the decoy this week.
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