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Newbie Looking for Input on Breeders in Northeast

Although I've done a lot of reading on this forum, this is my first time posting. My husband and I live in central NJ and looking for the right GSD breeder for us. We both grew up with the breed and love them. Sadly, some of the dogs we owned as kids and early on together suffered from health problems, especially DM, so we are trying to do all the right research now to find a healthy dog with the right temperament.

We are open to considering both working lines and show lines, but ultimately we are seeking a dog to be an active family companion. We don't plan to show, breed, or do Schutzhund and actually would like to avoid a dog with super drives as we have two cats and plan to have children. We ultimately want a healthy, sound Shepherd with a confident, relaxed temperament. We are open to any coat color. We would also like to try to keep the price of our dog to $2,000 since it will be a companion.

These are the breeders I've narrowed my list to so far. Some I've visited and others I haven't. Do any stand out in a good or bad way? Also, are there any others in our area that you would recommend? Thanks!!

-Eichenluft: German Shepherd Breeder PA - Eichenluft German Shepherd Dogs Home - German Shepherd Breeder VA - German Shepherd Breeder MD - German Shepherd Breeder OH - German Shepherd Breeder DC - German Shepherd Breeder NY - German Shepherd Breeder NJ (working lines with some show lines and show line x working line crosses)
-Von Wyndmoor: (working lines)
-Hollow Hills: (German and American show lines)
Vom Ledgemere: German Shepherds, German Shepherd Breeder MA, German Shepherd Puppies MA, NH, CT, VT, NY, ME, NJ, German Shepherds Massachusetts - Home (German show lines) out of our area in MA, but I liked the fact that they DM test all dogs
Jagermeister Shepherds: German Shepherd Breeder in New Jersey. Puppies and trained German Shepherd Dogs for sale. (working lines)
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