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Originally Posted by Harry and Lola View Post
Are the 3 that are challenging your dog un-neutered as well? Just interested to know because in my experience neutered dogs love un-neutered dogs and dogs that are entire will fight.

These owners are probably going to keep doing what they like (have their dogs off leash in an on leash area) so it may not be worth talking to them, you would have to judge the situation first.

I have had dogs rush at me with both mine on lead, my female will always submit/retreat, my male will not. He would fight to the end and like you I do not want to put him in this position.

What I do, is always carry a pocket of treats and when a dog rushes us I throw as many as can fit in my hand at it, I have found the treats broke their focus and they stopped in their tracks to eat the treats, I quickly walk off.

I have also put myself in between the dog and mine, and growled at the dog - it stopped and just stood there.

These methods are good for a dog not intend on doing damage, however if nothing you do will stop a dog and this dog is determine to get to yours, it is essential you drop your dogs lead, if you hold the lead and pull your dog this puts him in a disadvantage and he may panic.

Also, this is easier said than to do, but it is important you stay calm and don't panic.
Agree'd fear only makes things worse.
There's a dog that lives in a house near the field we walk in. It looks like a boxer mix but could be just a fat boxer as soon as he sees halo hrs barking and growling and heading toward to field. Halo just stands there with them big ears up in the air. I always call her and keep calling her so she focuses on my energy and not the dog coming to the field. Whenever he sees halo is not a threat nor is she phased. He just turns around and goes home.
I've found in the complex I live in keeping halo focused on me and not the other dog always pretty much end it.
Sometimes that's not the case for other people. I know if I'm walking and I feel a dog is capable of hurting my son. As rude and Inhumane as it seems. I'd shoot it. And if it were dog doing the same and that's how someone reacted I wouldn't at all blame them. My son isn't always with me when me and halo are out. Its rare that he is. And I know there's a dog in our complex that where's them wire cage looking muzzles because it has went after a kid. That dog is 2x the size of halo and if its determined to get to my kid. I'd end it right there. Because the owner should have been responsible enough to solve the problem or keep her dog contained with her.

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