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Originally Posted by halo2013 View Post
The first thing I do when I see a dog lunging and going all cujo like is make sure halo is right up against me. I'll keep walking and keep her focused on only walking which she naturally does very well but she has her occasional puppy slip up

If the dog happens to be on the same route were on like theyre.behind us. I usually cross then road. Of find a.different way to get where were going. Most of our walks are cross country but we have to travel the huge complex we live in to get to it.

LVT. N.Latham
Obviously there's. always going to be untrained owners and what not. But I've learned a lot of dogs aren't the problem sometimes
Sometimes its the owner. When halo was first learning to walk on a.leash she was like a race horse always.wanting to drag me. Instead of yanking her back. I stopped walking. I'd call her back teach her heel and had her walk calmly beside me. It took a few months. But she got it. Now when I tell her calm she just casually walks.
But a lot of people I see yank on the leash. Which sometimes doesn't help the situation it makes the dog more...likely to pull I guess you can say. They are only teaching the dog frustration not calm and balanced.
Its not always the owners. But its not always dog either.

LVT. N.Latham

LVT. N.Latham
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