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Default What to do if another dog attacks your while on leash

Hi everyone,

I just moved into a large building with a lot of dogs. Most of them are friendly and most interactions are perfectly fine. However, there are a few dogs that are a little more aggressive towards mine (my uneducated guess: male aggression especially with him being an un-neutered male and the 3 dogs aggressive towards him are males as well - 3 out of 100+ dogs).

I am asking for advice on how to handle a situation where I come out to the common yard and another dog attacks mine while we are on leash.

My dog is of course perfectly capable of defending himself but I do not need to put him or myself in that situation so I generally avoid the dog runs / parks etc and stick to ourselves and our training / playing is generally just me and him.

Now, in this building we have an enclosed dog run which I avoid like the plague and a front yard which is not a designated off leash area but people will take their dogs out off leash there and management seems to be ok with it.

However I do come out from the front yard and have seen the dogs that shown aggression towards mine off leash in that area and I just want to be prepared (luckily every time I was by myself on my way to work).

So, what would you do if you come out with your dog (your dog is on-leash as you are preparing to walk him) and another rather large dog (great dane, husky, and field lab) attacks yours. Would you drop the leash to give your dog a better chance while you break it up? Would you hold onto the leash to be able to control your dog? Would you put yourself between the two dogs?

My plan: keep the leash in my hand, move my dog behind me if I can, and kick the **** out of the other one if he comes near mine. That's it. But, I am worried about putting my own dog at a disadvantage when the other dog attacks since he can't run/fight/move with the leash restraining him.

I just want to be prepared is all. And I know this sounds like a high school / childish question to ask but I want to be ready and do the best I can in keeping everyone out of harm's way if the situation occurs.

Thanks everyone for the advice.
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