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As you are in MI there is another raw source you could access(not sure where you are though) G & C Raw NOW FOR DOGS - CATS - FERRETS email for price list and delivery schedule(locations) Feb 1st is the next delivery date.

I am in a co-op we share past sale date meat from a couple big box stores, I don't think the head is accepting new people, though now and then there is a surplus so head of the co-op will sell extra totes(located in Battle Creek).
Otto's is good for poultry, they deliver to some of the farmers markets(you have to order ahead of time)Story Page

Eggs are supplement, IMO and not a part of the MM portion, and they do contain E. I dose human grade 400iu of E with mixed Tocopherols every few days...Organ meat also contains E.

I would get a tote that fits in your fridge and thaw in that. I tend to use a huge tote and thaw in my garage unless summer temps are very warm.
MPC usually has 2# deli containers for their ground meat and I save those for the other stuff I get. They stack easily and are fairly strong. Green tripe is important, especially during the transition to raw, I'd make sure you have some on hand. MPC is delivering next Friday in SW mi, if you are into ordering...they only deliver once a month.
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