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Feeding Raw: Questions and Clarifications (non-GSD)

After researching for well over a year, and finally feeling pretty comfortable in my knowledge, I've decided to make the switch to raw with my dog. (Hopefully in a week or two - as soon as the kibble runs out) Having been a "lurker" here for many years, I have come to greatly appreciate and respect the Raw community on this forum! So I have some questions for you, if you wouldn't mind helping me out. As far as appropriate proportions, knowing to carefully introduce new protein sources, etc. - I think I've got the basics down.

Sources: As I'm not yet connected at all with the Raw community in my area, I have been buying my first round of supplies from grocery stores. I found chicken leg quarters for $0.99/lb; pork liver for $1.25/lb; beef liver for $2.79/lb; and for additional MM, have ordered a beef heart (around $3.50-$4.00/lb). I'm planing on ordering some stuff from My Pet Carnivore to add variety after my dog is firmly established on raw - I don't want to overwhelm her system. If possible, I'd like to be paying around $1.00/lb (which I know is possible if you know where to buy!) Does anyone know of Raw co-ops that would be willing to let a newbie in on their orders, or any other resources in SW MI?

Supplementing: Thinking through all the reading and note-taking I've done, there are lots of different ideas on necessary/desirable supplementation. But from what I have read, Fish oil is one of the most important - especially if fish is not being fed. 1000mg/day is supposed to be a good starting point per 30lbs, right? I've also read that vitamin E should be supplemented along with the fish oil. I have not been able to find a common dosage for vit E, though. What is the recommended starting dose/lb?

Eggs: I've read that on the days you give egg, vit. E need not be supplemented, is this true? If true, is that contingent on whether you feed the whole egg or only part? Is there any problem with only feeding yolk? I've also read that some people count the egg as part of that day's MM, is this okay, or should it be in addition to the MM?

- I'm planning on feeding Lena based very closely on a prey-model diet. Any special instructions or necessary things I may have missed in my research?
- As a vegetarian, I don't thaw meat very often. How long does it generally take ~5lbs of meat to thaw in the fridge?

I'm grateful for whatever help you can give me!

- Kayla

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