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Therapy Dog [Day One]

Today was the first of what I hope is many such days that Maggie, my 4 and half year old GSD, and I will visit the various Nursing Homes, and or Children’s Hospitals in our area.
It all started a few months back, with our annual visit to Maggie’s vet. He had suggested that Maggie would be an excellent candidate for Therapy Dog work, so I took his advice and contacted our local chapter of Delta Hearts of Gold/Pet Partners. What followed was an all-day class/workshop to get me certified and then a few weeks later Maggie’s evaluation.
Back to today….Friends, let me tell you it is certainly very rewarding to see the happy faces of people all too use to being shut in, without family to see them (in some cases), of those that have memory lost, when you dog walks into the room faces light up. The people are not looking at you, but your pet partner and if I may brag….Mag’s showed her best….setting in front of each and every person/client and shaking hands with them. What I saw, above all the smiling faces, was people who really appreciated the animal being there for them. When I left with Maggie I really thought the two of us had made a difference. When Maggie got home she crashed………
I certainly recommend the Therapy Dog program, if you have the time to give.
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