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Originally Posted by mcdanfam View Post
He does not look fat or overweight to me....ours is 15 months at the end of January. He was weighed today and is 71lbs. He is a DDR/Czech so I think he is not suppose to grow past 80lbs...yours looks taller and longer than our male. Ours seem to be shorter in the shoulders, wider and stockier.
What does your vet say?

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Sorry.....sent before finished. Our vet was a little concerned today because miles had a huge growth spurt. He went from 62lbs to 71lbs in a matter of 5 1/2 food increase just a major growth spurt!

He is a pretty dog...when did you start letting him run beside the bike? How did that go? I am afraid they will get tangled in the bike...:-/

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