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What to do with dog backpack too small?

I had to wait months for my dad to finally be convinced to invest in a dog backpack for my now 6 month old puppy.

Needless to say, I was excited. Happy. Cheerful. Overjoyed.

But then my patience had finally run out when he bought the SMALLEST size possible dog backpack for our 60+ lb GSD.

I was very put down when he came home with a backpack that went up to a dog of 49 lb. Yes, he knows the dog's weight. Yes, he even BROUGHT the dog with him. Yet when he came home with the backpack, all that came through my mind were darkness, shattered hopes, and foresight that when I walk my dog for the next 7 days for 1 hour, 30 minutes each day, he will recover within 15 minutes while I am pooped, exhausted, and have to do my homework for school (no one else would walk him, parents won't hire dog walker, etc, etc).
Now, before I continue, must I say:

- I'm going to the store next time with my dad
- We are going to return the backpack
- We are returning the backpack next week
- My dad doesn't want to drive to the store anymore today
- My dad is grumpy
- This is a big deal to me because I walk the dogs, and waited four months (while in the meantime he buys my sisters clothes, gifts, a portable heater, and many more; if he could afford my sisters a pair of jeans that costed $500, I'm sure he could afford a dog backpack at $40).
- This is also a big deal to me because this was the only time I ever asked him for anything. He never buys me anything and the dogs were bought specifically for my sisters (whom do not care for the dogs after the first few days of bringing them home).
- I'm just so frustrated that I have to wait even more; I have officially lost my patience.

I tried the backpack on the dog and it was fairly difficult to put over his head, and then downright horribly damaging to take it off his head (his ears were being damaged). The backpack was way too small and with equal amounts of weight in each side, the pack kept tilting over one side and was very uncomfortable for my dog and required constant readjusting after every few steps. I can't use the backpack but what way could I use it? Or maybe improve it (not so much that it isn't able to be returned)?
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