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it was an all out fight. It took a good 10 seconds for me to get a hold of the situation and thankfully, no one was hurt
they never actually "Bit" each other. Just VERY scary and nose to nose.
See if they don't actually bite each other it is not really a fight. It is more a show of aggression.

You may find it 'Scary' but you shouldn't. It is normal when there is friction between dogs. The cooler you are the easier it is to stop. If you scream and try to pull dogs apart there is more chance of a dog actually biting which then triggers a real fight.

Zoe decided to walk over to Bella and calmly take her bone. no incident. I saw this and told Zoe no and gave it back to Bella.
This is the issue. It is not so much of a problem feeding both dogs at the same time once you are there to supervise and intervene at the right time. Zoe should have been verbally corrected before she got the bone of Bella. Also it would have been better to take the bone away as soon as any tension was created rather than giving it back to the weaker dog.
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