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Another dog fight ... :(

The reason I say "another" is because my my girls just had their first fight 2 weeks ago. I have read a lot since, especially on this board about two bitches fighting. Let me explain the scenario. Zoe, 14 month GSD and Bella 15 month mix. Bella is a rescue and fixed. Zoe is not fixed. They have always been friends. I made a mistake and gave both the girls there own RMB. in the same room. After a half hour of chewing, Zoe decided to walk over to Bella and calmly take her bone. no incident. I saw this and told Zoe no and gave it back to Bella. 10 minutes later, Zoe walks back over to her and Bella growled just a little bit. All **** broke loose. In a blink of an eye, it was an all out fight. It took a good 10 seconds for me to get a hold of the situation and thankfully, no one was hurt. I had my eye's intently watching while separating and noticed while Zoe was the dominate one on top, they never actually "Bit" each other. Just VERY scary and nose to nose. The problem I am facing now is I have to constantly correct Zoe as she walks by Bella and intimidates her for no reason. Bella is the picture of a lap dog. Sweet, cuddly, not a protective bone in her body. When Zoe walks up to her, for whatever reason, Zoe will lean on her and stare her down. Bella will put her head down, tail between her legs and then lay down. She wants no part of the intimidation. I am constantly correcting Zoe and just got a trainer involved. (we start Saturday) I guess I just have a hard time wondering why? Bella is so submissive and doesn't start anything. I am worried that this can happen again as Zoe apparently feels the need to assert her queen dog status? Is it normal for a bitch to be that assertive to a submissive bitch?

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