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What my 13 wk old is up to

Hello, again. Agnes is now 13 weeks old....quite the interesting pup. A handful to say the least. For the most part, we adore her, and she is a good pup. I know she is just being a pup, but there are days...I just want to run away. She seems very smart, drivy (she NEVER quits), and can stay focused on me...I need better training in this area and am going to order a Michael Ellis DVD. I have just a few issues that I would like some feedback on.
1. Potty training. She has had two accidents in the house in the past couple of weeks, which is not bad, My fault. Waited too long, or wasn't watching. BUT, she still has no clue that she should go to the door,j and if up to her, she would just pee anywhere. At first, it seemed like she was getting it, but no, she is not. What I do is, I think, is just pre-empt her and just take her when I think she needs to (based on timing and activity and eating). If I just let her go and wait for her ques, she will just mill around, looking for a place...instead of going to the door. I did try taking her to the door, holding her paw and scratching the door, reward at door, then reward after potty. She screams bloody murder if you touch her paw to do this. No, there is NOTHING wrong with her phsyically. She is just being bratty. How can I help her get it?? I reward her with words and treats. When she starts to pee, she will look up at me for either reward. ?? should I wait for her clue that she has to go? and is my action of just taking her before she asks not allowing her to learn to run to the door. ??

2. Biting: getting better, but still pretty bitey. I just redirect,redirect...get a toy, whatever. When does the phase end???? She has a strong prey drive, so all my socks have holes. Loves to attack feet. Me, I can deal with, but my boys,...she chases them (I tell them not to run, as it makes it worse, but they do not listen!) the boys are 9 and 11, so I know the should understand this. Ugh.

3. Pulling on the lead..seems to have no clue how to walk on a leash yet. I know most of it is because the big dogs are outside, so when we go outside where they are, she goes nuts to get to them. Still...seems like we cannot get anywhere, as when she pulls, I stop and/or give her a quick pop back. but, I think will all of the leash correction, she has now just started to ignore it. Help! She is already pretty strong. I cannot image when she gets much bigger.

I know there was one more thing....if I think of it, I will post again.

Thanks! This forum has saved the both of us on some days! LOL
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