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Unhappy When do you know limping is serious?

My pup, Aston, is nearly two years old. A couple of days ago, he started limping. I don't know what happened but he hasn't been able to put any pressure on his right front paw. He has had a couple of leg injuries in the past where he limped for a couple of days and then was back to normal. But I don't like taking chances with injuries and want to make sure he isn't dealing with something serious.

I've lightly pressed his leg from top to bottom to see if that gets a reaction out of him and it doesn't so I'm fairly certain it isn't a bone issue. I've also flexed his joints and that, too, doesn't get a reaction out of him. Nevertheless, watching him limp is painful to watch. At the same time, he doesn't do well at the vet's office: he gets really nervous and aggressive and needs to be restrained. I have also made the mistake of rushing him to the vet way too quickly in the past.

So when do you decide it is necessary to take him to a vet for an injury like this?
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