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?! Dog who usually adores me running away?!

I've had my girl, Hildy, for 11 mos. She has had a rough past - abused, neglected, used as a breeder, teeth cut off, etc. But she's been with me for 11 months and she usually just adores me. She's my heart dog and when I'm home we are normally inseparable.

This morning when I got up, she looked scared. I ignored the fear and when she looked like she'd cooled off a bit, I invited her to sit with me. She fell asleep (she likes to sleep in ) and then 10 minutes ago she popped up, tail tucked deep between her legs, and darted away. She forced herself through a mostly-closed door to get away from me!!

I don't want to reinforce this and chase her. She also acted afraid once last week when I left for work - normally she'll stay in the living room & watch me leave, but that morning, she ran away into the same room.

WTH? Is this a form of separation anxiety? (She knows my schedule & habits and knows I'm going to work this AM.) Why did it appear out of nowhere like this?!
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