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Eko looks healthy and very pretty. Does he have any issues with stress or anxiety? My vet said that can sometimes give GSDs gastritis and they don't want to eat. He recommended Pepcid (the human kind, regular strength, two pills). I tried *everything* to get my dog to eat when I first adopted her, and eventually just stopped worrying about it because mealtimes were just a struggle. Now that she's on a schedule she does better. Not leaving the food out if she wouldn't eat it helped. I also have to feed her less than what is recommended on the package or she will gain weight and won't eat all of it. There are some days when she can't wait to gulp down the food, and other days when she will sniff it and look at me like, "What is this? You expect me to eat this?" Having stomach problems myself, I can understand why one might wish to skip a meal even if the food is normally palatable. And in the wild, canines definitely don't eat the exact same amount of food twice a day, every day.
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