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Cats are notoriously difficult to get to change their diets. I have a friend with 3 cats, and she tried to switch them to raw. She was successful with 2 of them, but the other one absolutely refuses to eat anything but kibble. Go figure!

From what I've read, cats don't get enough moisture when exclusively fed kibble. My Siamese eats canned (TikiCat) and raw (RadCat). She's almost 2 and hasn't had kibble since I picked her up at 4 months old. And I have never ever seen her drink water. I'm sure she must, but I've never seen it.

That said, I'm not a cat food nazi. Raw and/or canned is expensive. I'm only feeding one tiny 4 lb cat, so I can afford it. Oh, and grain free is the way to go (kibble, canned or raw). As with anything, feed the best you can afford, and can get your guys to eat. Good luck with your kitties!
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