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Default Glucosamine Question

We took the dogs to the woods to play in the snow today. I noticed my 4 year old lab leaving a "drag" mark with her rear foot on occasion. They had not had a lot of hard physical exercise in a couple of weeks and today they did a lot of running and jumping up and down the mountains side. They came in and went to sleep and when she went to get up a few minutes ago she was a little gimpy. I fear she is starting to have some hip issues and it literally breaks my heart.

I would like to do some preventative stuff for her and I had just bought a human grade bottle of Gluc/MSM/Hyaluronic Acid for myself. Here is the potency per every two pills: Glucosamine Hydrochloride 1500mg/MSM 1500 mg/HA 3.3 mg. Would this be a good supplement for her and a good daily dosage? She is about 90 pounds and after today I have definitely made up my mind to jerk some weight off her as soon as possible.

Should I give a loading dose to her and if so, for how long? Or is there a better alternative? I can certainly buy something like Cosaquin if you guys think it is better.

I can't stand the thought of her getting older and hurting
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