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Help School Me About Working Lines (moved to bloodlines and pedigrees)

I know this is too broad a topic to be thoroughly covered in a single thread, but I'm hoping some of the more knowledgeable breeders can at least give me a quick overview. You sometimes see discussions where a breeder will make comments about really liking this line or not liking that one. And there are a couple of well known stud dogs that even I've heard of - e.g Fero.

But I've never seen any real discussions of what are the major breeding lines - or how they are different. No one ever seems to say why they like x line, but not y line? So what qualities does Fero, or some other well known producer impart that makes there progeny so desireable? Having some knowledge of the breeding lines being used would be helpful in selecting a breeder. This is particularly tue since there seems to be a fairly limited range of adjectives all breeders use to describe temperments. When was the last time you saw a breeder who didn't breed "stable", "clear headed " and "solid" dogs?
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