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4month old aggression?

Luna's a lil over 4 months now .. this morning she some how got in the garbage and pulled out chicken bones ! she brought them all into her crate and pretty much started having a party !!!!
When we noticed she had bones my husband reached in and said "no Luna leave it and tried to get them away from her .. she went crazy had a fit started growling showing her teeth and got him twice !!!!! I felt so bad .. anyways I showed her the kong stuffed with peanut butter she left the bones went for the kong cleaned out the grate and then she was all happy with his again ..

my question is .. why that reaction ? are this signs of aggression ? or did he come at her the wrong way ?

just to mention this was the first time she ever got her mouth on bones we only do nylone (dog) bones and keep her away from all humane food

help ?

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