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We recently adopted a older GSD from a breeder and I felt like all parties came out feeling confident they were doing the right thing. We first met in a neutral area (a dog park) and we got to meet Yann and his owners. We talked for a long time, they got an idea of what our home was like and what we wanted with him, and we got an idea of his personality and why they were rehoming him. A few days later, after we had talked it over and decided to adopt him, they came to our house to make sure we had suitable living conditions for him and to help us introduce him to our existing dog. They made a copy of my driver license and recorded my address and gave me his vet records. I had to have him checked up by a vet and updated on his vaccines and send them a copy of that before they sent me his papers. This adoption process was the most solid I had ever experienced, and I felt it was a good thing. They had a bad experience trying to rehome him before us and he ended up chained up in a backyard full of brambles expected to be a "guard" dog, and they had to track down the guy to get him back after the guy called them asking why he didn't bite :-/ It took two weeks to get all the brambles out of his coat (he's long haired), poor guy, but they checked up on him recently to deliver his papers and everybody was pleased with his home and condition :-)
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