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2 "sisters" that dont get along

Hi, we have 2 gsd (3yrs and 2 yrs) that dont seem to get along, before when the youngest was a pup they used to be together all the time. Now when they see each other it and the youngest show any sign of unsure the older "atttacks" her and wants to put her into place. But the worse is when the oldest stop the youngest start going after the oldest. And we need to separate them.

This behaivor started 3 months ago. Now lately the youngs seem to be the one that starts it, either by looking , or buy showing that shes more secire of herself. Yesterday it went so far that by the time we got them to stop they bite both my and my wife. Both of us needed stitches, the dog didnt directly attcked us, but while trying to bite each other they got us.

But when I analyze the fight yesterday it seemed more civilized then before except getting us, it didnt seem they wanted to kill eachother, but nether wanted to surrender to the other.

We need some recommendation of how to deal with this. We have been bad at walking the dogs, so our first plan is to walk daily 1 hr with them together, but will this be enough?

When they are apart or one in the cage and the other with us they are calm and lie down beside us.

Sorry for my bad english but been a while since last I needed to write in english
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