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Coconut Oil

I am re-introducing Hank to Nutiva coconut oil. He flat out refused to eat it after several months but he needs it for a bacterial skin infection that will not respond to antibiotics, and he is enjoying the taste again.

I have been doing about 1/2 tsp. twice daily with his meal for the last 5 days. He weighs 110 lbs.

How quickly can I build him up to a maintenance dose and what would you recommend? Most sources say 3 Tbsp. daily.

He is also on 2000 mg. of EPA fish oil (4 capsules that total 2000 mg of EPA, not 4 capsules that are 2000 mg each) and I have been using Zymox shampoo and leave on rinse for about 3 weeks.

Feeding raw is not an option at this time. He is eating Natural Balance Sweet Potato and Fish. He is allergic to grain mites, several molds, trees and grass.

His rash comes back as soon as he stops antibiotics. The last course was 30 days of 200 mg. Simplicef. Thank you.

HANK 9/3/10

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