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Originally Posted by Baillif View Post
Yup. You work really hard trying to learn about training and practicing skills and think oh I'm gonna show this great trainer I know my stuff and next thing you know he's like what the **** are you doing that looks like crap. There's always a better trainer out there.

Some stuff I've been told before

Stop training like a girl
Your dog did great you on the other hand are a mess
Are you trying to kill his drive on purpose or are you really that clueless?
Stop just stop!
LOL... Kenny Licklider, owner of VLK, makes trainers with 30 years of experience feel like newbies all the time. It's always great when he comes out because he always points out the stuff you need to work on. It's humbling, and usually embarrassing, but leads to you being a better handler and trainer.

That dude has a tail, I swear he does.
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