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Vet problem?

I'm not sure if this is the correct place for this thread but here goes .

The vet practice that I have used for years was bought by a different vet while I was between dogs. Since getting Dude and Ivan last year I have gotten to know the new vet, the vet techs and office staff.

The techs and staff I love, and the boys love them. They are comfortable and affectionate with the dogs, and in turn the dogs get excited when we pull into the parking lot!

We are fortunate to not have any health problems so the only visits we have been doing lately are weigh-ins, just to keep the boys familiar with the office. Normally we don't see the vet when we go, one of the techs will take us back and get the weight.

Yesterday I took Ivan, my 9 month old, he weighed in at 67lbs. He is a super confident pup, the world is his oyster and everybody loves him, in his eyes anyway. He is large and in charge and loves to have people tell him how wonderful he is. Admittedly he is not the best behaved on leash, a work still in progress. On walks he's fine, it's just the initial excitement of going in the office, or the store, or where ever. He settles quickly though.

Anyway, when we were at the vet's yesterday, the vet was in. When the tech took us back to the scale we rounded the corner and met face to face with the vet. She looked utterly terrified. Ivan was happy to see another person to greet, and tried to pull to her to say hello. She backed up til she was pressed against the wall. There was no way she couldn't have heard us coming, the tech and I were talking.

I'm concerned that the vet may be afraid of my dogs, and how can she have a good relationship with them if she is afraid? Ivan was in no way threatening, he's a big goofball. If it had been Dude with me though, I don't know how he would have reacted. He does react to people who aren't comfortable with him. He's friendly and likes to greet people who are relaxed but is alert otherwise.

Would you talk to the vet about this, or just find another one that is relaxed with your dogs? The clinic is so convenient for me and I love the staff, it's just the vet I worry about.

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